Updated 17 April 2019

    1    The Tailem Bend Circuit is confirmed and all 3 events are being held at the same venue. Sprint Friday 12th April, Motokhana 13th April, Show & Shine 14th April.

    2    The Fiat Car Club of Victoria has capped the entry cost for all 3 events, welcome BBQ and Presentation Dinner at last year’s costs, $345pp per adult

    3    The Fiat Car Club of Victoria will subsidise the U12 kids at the presentation dinner to $10 per Child. If you have a 13 or 14 year old I would suggest they are now 12 again. Kids grow fast these days!

    4    The accommodation at Rydges Hotel is now open for bookings. You will find the links on the Fiat Nationals Website and Facebook pages. Paddock rooms are $159 per room and Trackside are $189 per room. The difference is the view. Breakfast is $20 per person. There are only 41 Paddock Rooms so it is a first in first served basis. In total there are 100 rooms. Please encourage your members to book early as the hotel after reviewing monthly may start selling rooms to the general public or other clubs if there are events over the weekend.

    5    Because the infrastructure is not built for the East Circuit we will be hiring a hybrid version of the longer circuit. Attached is the original layout and the Hybrid layout. The main straight in the original layout is 1km long, so some of the smaller cars may have had time to complete the crossword on the main straight. This will reduce the main straight to approx. 700 or 800 long, about the same as Sydney Motorsport Park and should keep the circuit to about 3km long. The move to this circuit allows access to Garages, Shade, Food and facilities. We will update the website / FB pages shortly.

    6    The Motokhana will be held directly in front of the hotel on a skid pad 200m x 50m capable of holding 2 tests at a time. Similar format to last year. There are limited carports next to the skid pad which will be used for shade and viewing.

    7    The Show and Shine is being held at the circuit. Logistically it is easier for clubs intending to use transporters to the venue, but in addition Tailem Bend Circuit is intending to hold a European Circuit Cruise for European Car owners on Sunday. We expect if marketed well then the influx of European Car Owners will also take the time to look at the displayed Fiats. This will be held on either the grass or large car parking area in front the of the hotel complex.

    8    If clubs have organised transporters and need assistance to and from the circuit because the drop off point is not the circuit. Please contact me 0434601799 or via email and I can coordinate trailer use with Club members to assist. 

    9    Sponsorship is now open. We have changed the format to lower the Sponsorship dollar and attract new sponsors. The sponsorship will be $200 for a category of trophy presentations x 15 categories. The sponsor also gets free advertising in the Fait Nationals program. If members are interested in promoting their business and sponsoring then please call David Judd on 0418341895.

    10    Supplementary Regulations will be posted before 31 December. The only changes from last year to this year are the Show and Shine categories. Remember this year we move to the General Supplementary Regulations and these will be followed up with Circuit Specific Regulations (noise limit, refuelling etc) and posted to the Website.

    11    We have secured Garages for the Sprint. These will be available for hire via your entry form and paid to Fiat Car Club of Victoria. The garage cost is $200 per garage but it easily capable of accommodating 2 cars and maybe 3 small cars. So costs can be shared. Highly recommend hiring a garage for additional shade.

    12    Registration and Entry forms will also be available before 31 December.

    13    John Ford from QLD Club requested a forum to be loaded via the website or FB page. While waiting on technical advice, if clubs are considering transporting cars to the circuit than please speak to John. If we can consolidate costs to use the same supplier from 2 or 3 States it is better for negotiation. WA Club, we want to see your cars this year and it is your best opportunity to make it to the nationals.